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Finance Transformation

Do you want to elevate your finance and accounting function to the next level? This is most often achieved by acting as a strategic partner to your organization as a CFO, enhancing decision-making through the provision of insightful data beyond the traditional scope. With our expertise in finance and accounting, coupled with our experience in project and change management, we can assist you every step of the way.

Accelerate Your Transformation Journey with Knowit CFO Pulse

Many organizations struggle to identify the growth and development opportunities needed to stay ahead in a constantly changing business climate.

We have extensive experience working closely with CFOs to identify areas for improvement and drive change in finance functions. This experience has been used to develop the CFO Pulse tool. The tool assists you in gaining insights into how your organization compares in the competition and how you can develop your organization. 

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Digitalization Strategy for the Finance Function

Do you need support in implementing your strategies in practice? Our management consultants assist CFOs and finance functions throughout the entire digitalization journey – from visualization to implementation.

With our expertise in systems and processes for the finance function, combined with our methodology for change management, we help your organization translate strategies into practical reality. We can also assist you in developing tools to optimize your digital infrastructure.

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Integration of Acquisitions and IPO Processes

Realizing value from integrations and IPO processes following corporate acquisitions or mergers requires both strategic decision-making and project management. Through well-established methods and deep functional expertise in finance, along with a focus on the CFO agenda, we can support you at all levels of the integration.

We can be your partner throughout the entire integration process, assisting you with change management, synergy assessment, and optimization of financial operations. Our management consultants can also support you in the IPO process by assessing your IPO readiness, identifying gaps, and guiding you through necessary actions.

Automation and Streamlining of Financial Processes

Manual processes and outdated systems erode value and impede organizations from evolving in an ever-changing market landscape. We assist you in enhancing the efficiency of your financial processes by identifying the needs for new technologies and other automation tools. Our management consultants can also help you evaluate and implement AI and other digital tools to enhance your business performance.

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ERP and Financial Systems

Do you want to maximize the business value of your IT investment? We have deep knowledge and extensive experience in assisting CFOs in evaluating, procuring, and implementing ERP as well as other critical support systems for the finance function and overall operations. We help you realize changes through optimized on-site IT support.

Our management consultants support you throughout the implementation process, assisting in procurement, integration, and workflow optimization. With our expertise and experience in cloud-based business systems, we help your organization navigate towards more efficient and profitable business processes. 

Patrik Wild

Head of services in finance

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