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Sourcing & Procurement

We are specialists in sourcing and supporting you when you are dependent on others in your operational model. We help you with sourcing strategy, purchasing, and all types of procurement in the private and public sectors. Our procurement consultants have extensive experience in public procurement. With us as advisors, we help you strengthen, develop and streamline the work with new suppliers to create value and benefit in every business

Purchase function as a strategic ability

Do you want to move your organization from operational and reactive to strategic and proactive? We can help you to develop strategic purchasing capabilities and create structures for controlled contracting and supplier management. Together with you, we develop the conditions for cross-functional collaboration and learning between operations, IT, purchasing/procurement, and finance.

Procurement & Strategic purchases

We have a large number of examples of IT procurement that we have completed that have generated great business benefits for our customers. 

We can help you to:

  • Develop a clear procurement or sourcing strategy
  • Capture and translate your needs into requirements in a complete procurement document
  • Lead procurements as a strategic business tool 

As an independent specialist advisor, we are a reliable sounding board for business considerations and also work on developing contracts, negotiating agreements, interpreting contracts, and quality assuring procurement documentation. Our goal is to help you make a successful deal with good supplier relationships. We also want to create the conditions for strategic partnerships that enable your organization to keep up with digital development in a sustainable way. 


Contract & Supplier management

Do you and your organization have one or several strategically important partners that are critical to your business? If so, what does the risk analysis look like? Does the supplier meet the requirements of the agreement? Do the invoices match the contracted rates? Are you taking full advantage of the contract's opportunities and maximizing the benefits? Do you benefit from the supplier’s potential in your development work?

We support you in decisions on new procurement, contract consolidation, selection of strategic suppliers, and activities that create value and contribute to sustainable deliveries. We can also help you if you need a contract manager who knows the terms of the contract, delivery and supplier relationship, and works to this. Through data-driven follow-ups and collaboration development and partnerships, we ensure that you get the benefit of strategic investments and can create business robustness in IT deliveries for critical business processes.

Training & Lectures 

Do you need to improve your procurements and procurement knowledge? We offer customized training packages for you and your business in:

  • Strategic purchasing in both the public and private sectors
  • Contract and supplier management
  • Purchase Function and Strategy
  • LOU (the Swedish Concessions Procurement Act) 

We also offer inspirational lectures and workshops in sourcing. We also work with IFI, the Institute of Information Technology, on training courses and are a recurring partner in their training package.

Victoria Marks

Senior Management Consultant and specialist in Sourcing, Procurement and Purchasing

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