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Digital HR & Payroll

We believe that Human Resources (HR) has a central role in helping organizations develop to handle the digital future. The interaction between analog humans and digital technology speeds up future deals.

Digital HR

We have been the leading consultancy firm for many years, helping HR departments specify requirements on IT systems, as well as finding and implementing them. However, we focus increasingly on digitalizing HR to a greater extent, for instance using big data, HR intelligence and digital management.

"Connecting HR with Digital. Why we do it? Because we love digital, and we love people."


Are you in tune with your digital potential?

We review your processes and work methods and identify what can be improved. Based on your objectives and visions, we establish HR and payroll organizations that meet the needs of your operations. When switching HR systems, you will receive advice on how to prioritize correctly. We never abandon you halfway – we are with you from needs analysis, requirements specification and procurement until the system with its new processes is in place.

Anja Gingnell


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