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Our partners

Together with leading business partners & collaboration partners, we create unique & sustainable digital solutions improving business value for our clients.

Partners and platforms in cloud

Holding the highest partnership statuses with the leading cloud platforms, we help our clients maximize the benefits of the cloud.

Data and AI/ Data analytics 

The key to our work and the solutions we create is data. Through our partners in data analytics, we can deliver relevant, accurate, and bespoke solutions to our clients. 

Partners and platforms in digital marketing, customer experiences, and e-commerce

Thanks to our partners in e-commerce, customer experiences, digital marketing, and PIM, we have the experience and knowledge about surrounding systems, add-on products, and integration to help clients choose the right ones and implement them.

CRM/ business applications 

We have the privilege of working with the largest partners in CRM, meaning that we can promise our clients that we deliver solutions they can grow with and that benefit their business. 

Collaboration partners 

We are proud collaboration partners of important organizations that create the conditions for a sustainable and humane business sector. We share a belief that innovation and competence provision are central building blocks for the future.