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With bespoke system solutions, we ensure that our clients’ operations develop in step with changes in business needs, technology, and sustainability goals. 

We are about 1,900 IT consultants in Knowit Solutions and have top expertise in every part of the system development process – from idea, architecture, and project steering to programming, implementation, testing, and security. 

A Nordic presence with local support 

We are found in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. We often work at client facilities and sometimes perform projects in-house. With over 15 offices in Sweden and even more across the Nordic region, we offer a strong local and Nordic presence.    

Cross-functional teams for development and management

We work in cross-functional teams to develop and perform application management of a range of digital solutions that make everyday life easier, improve people’s quality of life, or decrease climate impact.

At Solutions, you can find professionals such as:   

  • Requirements analyst
  • Project manager
  • Scrum master, product owner & release train engineer
  • Data scientist & data engineer 
  • Test- & quality assurance
  • Web- & app developer
  • System architect & system developer within  cloud, web & app

System solutions for both the public and private sectors

With deep technical competence and extensive experience from several different sectors, we support all kinds of clients – from the public sector and larger companies in the telecommunications sector to retail and e-commerce. Every day, we transform complex datasets into valuable insights, develop user-friendly systems with unique client adaptations, or create energy-efficient cloud solutions, payment solutions, and AI solutions.  

Knowit Solutions is a strong partner to companies and organizations during their digital transformations. We create the system solutions of the future using the latest technology.

Fredrik Ekerhovd

Head of Knowit Solutions.

Proudly presenting some of our work:

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Be a part of our team!

Do you share our vision to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation? Become a consultant, drive change, and help our Nordic clients create the future with the latest techniques.

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With top expertise in every part of the system development process.


nordic countries

We are located in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.