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Cloud environment with 24/7 support provides a seamless experience


Skolsynk is the application that ensures teachers and pupils at more than 400 schools around in Sweden easily can log in to the largest suppliers of digital teaching materials and aids. The choice fell on Knowit as a long-term partner for application management in the cloud service Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


A behind-the-scenes player in need of stability

Skolsynk is an application that is never visible, but makes a huge difference for every user. The application is a login service that ensures teachers and pupils at around 400 schools around the country have access to their contracted materials and services from the largest suppliers: Binogi, Gleerups, ILT Education, Nationalencyklopedin (NE), SLI Play, and Studentlitteratur.

“Each school registers its users in Google Workspace for Education and then Skolsynk takes care of the rest. As soon as teachers or pupils log in to a platform from one of the suppliers, they get direct access to the materials offered through the applicable contract. The seamless integration means less administrative work for everyone involved and saves time, as the users don’t have to create an account and password for each platform,” says Elias Selinder, chairman of the board at Skolsynk and Chief Product Officer at ILT Education.

Skolsynk reached out to Knowit when they were looking for a long-term partner that could perform application management and guarantee operations over time, and decrease vulnerabilities due to person-dependent knowledge regarding the application and storage environment.

Knowit has the competence we need for long-term help and direct support in operating Skolsynk. Few people know that they use the application – but when it doesn’t work, it’s immediately noticeable as teachers and pupils can’t access their services

Elias Selinder, chairman of the board at Skolsynk and CPO

ILT Education

Guaranteed operations 24/7 and a complete review

The collaboration between Skolsynk and Knowit started with a so-called code review, a review of architecture, code, and documentation, to identify how the application was working and which necessary updates had to be made, and to summarize any actions that should or could be taken to improve the application.

“After the review of the application, we decided with Skolsynk to create a test environment. That increases the uptime of the application, as developers can both get to know the application and test updates, without impacting end users,” says Oskar Segerfelt, client manager at Knowit.

The entire application is built and hosted in GCP – through the code review and creation of a test environment, Knowit’s developers have ensured that all the necessary information is documented, which decreases the dependence on specific individuals. Skolsynk’s GCP environment is monitored round the clock by Knowit’s Managed Services. Regardless of if a user is faced with slow login or if some other function in the application stops working, Knowit starts troubleshooting as soon as possible.

The shift to Knowit has been very easy and completely without downtime. Knowit took over application management and implemented processes that meant we decreased the vulnerability we felt we had before

Elias Selinder, chairman of the board at Skolsynk and CPO

ILT Education

How the solution contributes to Agenda 2030

SDG 4, quality education – Thanks to guaranteed operation of the login application Skolsynk, teachers and pupils can follow education as planned at their school. Digital teaching materials and aids are crucial at schools all around the country and Skolsynk contributes to helping pupils in their ongoing education.


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