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Knowit CFO Pulse

With increasing responsibilities and evolving needs, CFOs and finance functions face strategically important challenges. Knowit, with its long experience, supports CFOs in building an adaptable finance function. Begin your transformation journey with Knowit CFO Pulse.

Evaluate the Financial and Digital Maturity of Your Organization

Knowit CFO Pulse is a tool that covers all key areas within your finance function. The tool uses the Knowit CFO Index, based on a database of collected data from various industries, to evaluate the financial and digital maturity of your organization.

It consists of a quick self-assessment survey used to analyze and identify areas for improvement. The results are then analyzed by our CFO strategists and experts to identify the most important areas of development. Together, we delve deep into these through interviews and workshops to create a sustainable plan for the future.

Why You Should Conduct an Analysis of Your Finance Function

Knowit CFO Pulse offers several advantages for effectively analyzing and improving your finance function. Here are some key benefits:

  • Time and cost-efficient: You quickly gain insights that can drive positive changes without requiring large investments.
  • Holistic view of your finance function: The tool provides an in-depth understanding of both core and non-core processes within your finance function.
  • Identification of improvement potential: Through a thorough evaluation of the causes of inefficiency, you get an accurate identification of areas needing improvement.
  • Action plan suggestions: After the analysis, you receive a detailed action plan and a list of measures ready for implementation.
  • Dedicated support: You receive support throughout the process from our experienced CFO experts.


CFO Pulse


A Quick Overview Identifying Key Areas for Development

Knowit CFO Pulse provides a quick overview of your finance function and shows which areas have the greatest potential for change. The image illustrates an example of the results the tool can provide, comparing your organization against our Knowit CFO index. The results, along with further analysis, offer insights into the most important areas of development for your organization. 


CFO Pulse


Knowit CFO Pulse Examines Several Key Dimensions

  • Strategic Planning & Performance Management: Formulates a vision for your future finance function and offers support for implementation.
  • Business Planning & Forecasting: Assesses the ability to make well-founded decisions based on forecasts.
  • Systems, Tools & Data: Evaluates whether your organization has the right tools to collect, analyze, and visualize data.
  • ESG/Sustainability: Assesses the integration of ESG and sustainability aspects into strategy and operations.
  • People & Organization: Evaluates whether your finance function has the right competencies and structure to meet current and future needs.
  • Closing & Reporting: Assesses whether processes have the right infrastructure to maximize value and insights.
  • Corporate Governance & Internal Control: Evaluates policies, methods, and technical security to protect the organization's assets and prevent errors.
  • Accounting: Assesses efficiency and automation to ensure time for value-creating activities.
  • Tax & Treasury: Evaluates competencies and processes for liquidity management, risk management, capital efficiency, and tax compliance.

Patrik Wild

Head of services in finance

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