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Cybersecurity & law

Do you want to take part in creating a digital world in which everyone feels safe? Together, we set your future strategy for cybersecurity and privacy, deal with existing security challenges of your operations, and navigate among new possibilities.

Here’s how we can help you

We are one of the largest suppliers of cybersecurity in the Nordic region, and also have a unique venture in law. What sets us apart from the competition is that we can solve the future challenges in cybersecurity, because we can deliver teams with competence in law, technology, and management. With our insights in the area, we can also help you find completely new opportunities that your competitors fail to see.

We also want to contribute to a robust society and write consultation responses for proposed legal acts, organize seminars and conferences, and work to increase the level of knowledge in society.

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Strategy for cybersecurity, law, and privacy

Cybersecurity and law are now a crucial part of almost all operations, as regards both risks and business opportunities. The EU has designated the 2020s the “digital decade,” which means that digital legislation is increasing at a fast pace. The complexity of the threats, the fact that all operations depend on IT and the uncertainty in the world at large has placed cybersecurity at the top of the agenda for most boards and corporate management teams.

By working systematically with these matters and taking new legislation and your risk aversity and operative goals into consideration, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors, find new business opportunities, and decrease risks. We will help you identify your current status, your targets, and a continuous process for working with cybersecurity, law, and privacy.

Secure and legal development of systems and products

We work with cybersecurity and law throughout the lifecycle of a system or product, whether it is a car, medical technology, or a payment system. As a result of the current development pace, it is a competitive advantage to think about law and security matters from the start, so as to design, develop, and maintain systems and products in a future-proof way.

We have insight into new digital legislation, such as the AI Directive, DORA, and MDR, and international standards like OWASP and IEC 62 443, as well as industry-specific standards such as PCI DSS. We also have broad competence in the Protective Security legislation and the NIS Directive, which means that we can provide support in environments that are of the highest importance to our society.

Identity and access management (IAM)

The purpose of IAM (Identity and Access Management) is to ensure that the right person gets access to the right information at the right time. In that way, new deals and collaborations are made possible, while information security is retained or even strengthened.

We have a holistic offer within IAM and guide you all the way from IAM strategy, processes, and operations analysis to defining roles and other crucial attributes for effective access control. Of course, we can also contribute to an implementation where identities are managed in automated and quality-assured processes throughout entire lifecycles. 

Management systems and certifications

A management system is a necessity for most organizations, to enable them to continually adapt their cybersecurity to the changes and demands of the surrounding world, especially in uncertain times. We work with several different types of management system, adapted to each client’s operations and industry.

Knowit can help you plan, implement, and maintain a management system. Either as a whole or its component parts, such as needs analyses, risk management, creation of steering documents, follow-up, or creating commitment and awareness throughout the organization. Knowit can also be a supportive partner in certification. We can be anything from an advisory partner to the entity that executes the process before and during certification. We work with the standards for ISO 27000, ISO 214343, IEC 62433, and PCI DSS, among other things.

Secure and legal cloud services

Cloud security is more than just technology. To optimize the journey to the cloud, the vision and strategy of an organization must be reflected in its choice of a cloud environment. The technical implementation in the cloud needs to be followed up and steered in parallel with the other steering processes of the organization, as well as both external and internal requirements. Furthermore, an operation needs to understand the risks and possibilities that usage of cloud services means, which will naturally impact on the choice of a technical solution.

How can we support you in your cloud journey


Data security law, e-administration, and IT law

When businesses and operations are digitalized, this leads not only to new business opportunities, but also to new legal challenges and risks. Our experienced legal experts help you understand and deal with these challenges in a pragmatic way that is appropriate for your operations.

Security verification, including pen testing

The purpose of security verification is to evaluate the technical security levels of systems and identify any vulnerabilities. The review focuses on the parts of the solution that are most exposed and likely to be subject to attacks. We apply a tried and tested method that can be adapted to your operations. It includes test cases for common vulnerabilities in both standard solutions and applications developed in-house.

Protective Security

Do you conduct operations that are important for Sweden’s security? What preventive actions do you take to prevent espionage, sabotage, and terrorist crime? We offer a unique range of services in the entire area of Protective Security and can help you in each step.

Products in the cybersecurity field

In addition to consultancy services, Knowit delivers two products in the cybersecurity area. Knowit SignPort, which makes it easier to work with digital signatures, and a range of solutions in compliance management. 

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