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Law: data protection, e-administration, and IT law

When businesses and operations are digitalized, this leads not only to new opportunities, but also to new legal challenges and risks. Our experienced legal experts help you understand and deal with these challenges in a pragmatic way that is appropriate for your operations.

We know law, business, and IT

Our legal experts have both an understanding of your operations and legal expertise. We work primarily with IT law, data protection, and e-administration, and combine this with a sound understanding of information security and technology. 

Few now have the capacity and ability to do what we do – delivering both strategic consultancy and operative support in executing efficient, legally sound, and business-appropriate solutions. 

A broad competence and varying background among our consultants is reflected in that our clients range from large authorities and international companies to smaller municipalities and private trusts – in various industries, such as energy, telecom, and finance. Regardless of your size and industry, we will help you with the digital legal aspects, based on your specific needs. 


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Lisa Lundin

Manager of services in Digital Law

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