We always have the users’ needs as the starting point when we deliver digital solutions in healthcare. With us as your partner, you can get anything from advice on strategy and communication to bespoke IT and system solutions. During the journey, we work in a data-driven manner with clear goals, metrics, and desired outcomes, to make care closer, more equitable, and more person-centered.

We put the individual at the heart of things

We equip you to meet the patients of the future, their next-of-kin, and users who have high expectations on both qualities of care and availability, whether contact is physical or through digital channels.

With feasibility studies and analyses, we can perform an in-depth analysis to understand what your patients are thinking and want in terms of content and functionality. We describe the digital patient journey in words and serve as a solid sounding board in matters related to communication, interfaces, usability, and service design. Together, we create a better user experience for your target groups.

We understand your operations and work day

Our employees have long experience in healthcare and are well-versed in transformation efforts in both the public and private healthcare sectors. With a combination of management consultants, legal experts, and specialists in IT and digital communication, we can help you with strategies, processes, requirements specifications, and work methods that lead to the development of user-centred solutions.

We make sure that you use the right tools in your everyday work and help you develop your operations to increase efficiency, satisfaction, and value for both patients, service recipients, and healthcare personnel.

With the entire ecosystem as our starting point, we connect various entities to create a seamless user experience. We also contribute to a more cohesive chain of care in the public and private sectors, create security in procurement processes, ensure information security, and support the implementation of new digital services.

We use technology at the cutting edge

Web cameras that enable night-time monitoring, personal safety alarms, digital products for self-care at home, and new medical record systems that simplify for both care personnel and patients. Our specialists in IT and communication always start from the needs of the patients, the personnel, and the organizations, to solve the main technical challenges. Our competencies include system development, advanced analysis, automation, robotization and artificial intelligence.

With knowledge of the latest technology, we can ensure that your organization keeps pace with development. In close collaboration with you, we implement solutions and perform development with the entire lifecycle of the system in mind, from planning to maintenance.

The integration of old and new systems needs to be seamless. This is something we have long experience of. We ensure that your systems are available and can deal with high loads, 24/7. We can also guide you among analytical tools and help you transform complex data into valuable insights.

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