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Sustainability Services

Whether you're looking to navigate the green transition, achieve sustainability goals, or need assistance with sustainability reporting, sustainability has long been an integral part of everything we do. We are here to help you tackle the challenges you face.

Proudly presenting some of our work:

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Automating your sustainability data enables efficient collection and analysis of environmental information, supports long-term sustainable decision-making, and future-proofs your company.


Companies that actively work to transform their operations by implementing a sustainability strategy across all organizational parts contribute to a sustainable society through long-term environmental and social responsibility.


Today, it is crucial for all companies to create the right conditions to swiftly and safely adapt their business models to changing climate conditions and constantly evolving regulatory demands. At the same time, organizations need to develop robust experience and expertise in the field of sustainability to remain relevant over time.

Sustainability Expertise for Future Organizations

To meet the increasing demands from legislation, regulations, employees, customers, and owners, organizations need to enhance their expertise, collaborate more, and actively adapt to climate and sustainability requirements. Knowit possesses specialized knowledge related to legal and regulatory requirements, as well as experience in process management, implementation, and change management within sustainability and digitalization.

Climate Calculations and Climate Strategy

Climate strategies should be based on high-quality data. Only with accurate climate data, calculations, and well-designed climate analyses can strategic decisions be made. Knowit assists in all aspects of climate work, from strategy formulation to concrete data using established methods like LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), GHGP (Greenhouse Gas Protocol), and standards for reporting and goal setting. To future-proof your company, climate-related risks and opportunities can be identified, and transformation projects initiated with guidance from Knowit’s advisors and project managers.

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