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A tailored climate reporting solution for Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division


Stora Enso is one of the first companies to implement the new sustainability reporting solution, Microsoft Sustainability Manager, starting with their Packaging Solutions division. The solution enables tracking, analysing and enhancing division’s climate initiatives related to Stora Enso’s Group strategy. Together with Knowit, the solution was implemented and developed beyond the standard functionalities to fit Stora Enso’s quality requirements.


Implementing a climate reporting solution for a sustainability-mature organization 

The renewable materials company Stora Enso is a highly mature company within sustainability efforts holding each part of the company accountable for their actions. The Packaging Solutions division saw a need for a solution that supports measuring, reporting and making impactful decisions now and in the future to live up to the ambitious goals set by Stora Enso group.  

The division had the needed data platforms and a strategic direction for sustainability reporting, making Microsoft Sustainability Manager (MSM) a suitable choice. The implementation required a partner that is both digitalization and tech-savvy as well as having expertise in the sustainability area, and the client selected Knowit as a partner for the winning knowhow in the selected areas. 

Key objectives for the implementation were automating the data collection and reporting process, streamlining the entire process in carbon emission management and providing real-time data and functionalities for decisive sustainable actions. 


Microsoft Sustainability Manager was implemented in a joint effort 

In the first phase of the project, Microsoft Sustainability Manager was implemented for two of Stora Enso Packaging Solutions production units. Starting small was a good approach in implementing a new solution to get the solution working optimally before scaling to more production units in the future.  

The implementation was done in tight collaboration between the client’s emissions and data warehouse experts, Knowit’s data and sustainability experts and the support of Microsoft.  

Knowit provided additional value for the client in tackling everyday challenges and processes effectively by mentoring the DevOps way of working for the client and by strengthening the client’s well-established sustainability knowledge even further. 


A tailored solution for specific needs beyond the directive  

Knowit added significant value by customizing the MSM solution to Stora Enso's needs, ensuring the implementation was efficient and focused, thus saving time and staying on budget. Knowit also automated reporting, allowing Stora Enso to concentrate on impactful climate actions rather than manual reporting. 

Seamless collaboration between Stora Enso and Knowit, enhanced by continuous communication with Microsoft, enabled the perfect customization of the new solution for Stora Enso Packaging Solutions. This teamwork ensured full project understanding and clear visibility of outcomes. 

Sustainability reporting should never only be about the reporting – it’s about reducing emissions and really knowing your data to do good decisions. This is exactly what can be achieved with cross-functional cooperation, in-depth sustainability knowledge and the right tools, such as the MSM. 

The combination of deep knowledge in both climate reporting and Microsoft solutions made Knowit the perfect partner for us in Stora Enso Packaging Solutions. Since we are ourselves a company with deep knowledge in the matter, we had extremely high demands for this solution, and Knowit helped us reach the next level. We appreciated that Knowit was a highly active, problem-solving partner, and the implementation was exceptionally smooth. Now we are prepared for the future, focusing on actions rather than reporting.

Malin Johansson, Sustainability manager, Climate and LCA

Stora Enso

Stora Enso Packaging Solutions are known for our high standards and high ambitions regarding sustainability and we want to be the number one packaging partner for brands with high climate ambitions. Investing in MSM will ensure that we can deliver a quality product with lower fossil emissions in the future, securing our place in the market.

Anna Bergquist, SVP BU Central & Northern Europe

Stora Enso

Stora Enso corrugated packaging

Stora Enso

Stora Enso develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide, leading in the bioeconomy and supporting their customers in meeting demand for renewable eco-friendly products. Responsibility for nature and the communities where they operate underpins their approach in every aspect.  

What we did 

  •     Data platforms 
  •     Microsoft Sustainability Manager 
  •     ESG reporting 


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