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Our legal experts have both an understanding of your operations and legal expertise. We work primarily with IT law, data protection, and e-administration, and combine this with a sound understanding of information security and technology. 

Few now have the capacity and ability to do what we do – delivering both strategic consultancy and operative support in executing efficient, legally sound, and business-appropriate solutions. 

A broad competence and varying background among our consultants is reflected in that our clients range from large authorities and international companies to smaller municipalities and private trusts – in various industries, such as energy, telecom, and finance. Regardless of your size and industry, we will help you with the digital legal aspects, based on your specific needs. 

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Data protection

Access to personal data has revolutionized our everyday life through new digital solutions and business models. We help you develop your digital business in a legal and sustainable way. We offer support and measures for compliance with GDPR and other data protection legislation, strengthening the confidence of your employees and customers and decreasing the risk of damages, administrative sanctions, and negative goodwill.  

Our offer in data protection and integrity is broad. We can help with the following, among many other things: 

  • External data protection officer (DPO) 
  • Audit/review of your current data protection efforts  
  • Management of operative data protection work 
  • Drafting of steering documents, information texts, and policies 
  • Impact assessments, risk and processing analyses  
  • Investigation of personal data incidents 
  • Supplier audits 
  • Cookies and web analyses 
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The goal of digitalization of public authorities is to offer simpler, more open, and more efficient services to citizens and employees. Such a development requires that authorities make use of information and communication technology. However, the implementation of new technology in the public sector is not without issues and will create new legal challenges. 

Our consultants have solid experience of working in the public sector and high levels of knowledge from the legal areas that are significant in the ongoing digitalization of public administration. We know that there is a need to understand how different regulations interact, in order to get good results when designing digital tools for the public sector. We are used to working at the intersection of matters like legality, public documents, secrecy, data protection, automation, retention, and procurement. 

Aside from what we offer within the framework of our services in information security, security protection, data protection, and privacy, we are happy to help with matters related to: 


  • Legal conditions for the authority’s strategic digitalization work  
  • Design of the authority’s digital services in line with the law in force 
  • Legal investigations regarding usage of new technology 
  • Risk and processing analyses  
  • Drafting of steering documents 
  • Requirements specifications for procurements 
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IT law

In today’s society, almost all operations are digitalized, and this can mean anything from using a few cloud-based systems to conducting your entire operations online. With digitalization comes new legal challenges and the legislation in the area is changing continually. 

We offer legal support to operations throughout the entire digitalization journey. We are specialists in legal risk management and offer everything from strategic support regarding how to realize a legal and sustainable digital business to drafting and negotiating various types of commercial contracts, for instance in purchasing IT systems or development services. 

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