Managing Quality

We see a need for new ways of thinking about quality management and assurance. To us, quality is much more than just checklists and procedures. It relates to everything that can affect the organization’s ability to deliver a high-end product or service to its customer.

Our management consultants work with relevant industry standards and procedural frameworks. We can ensure that your quality objectives are in line with best practices and the specific needs of your organization. 

Quality Culture

It is a common perception that organizations with flawless processes and designated quality managers deliver products at a higher quality level. These are important and necessary prerequisites, but in order to attain a true quality culture, the organization must be lifted to a higher level. Quality must permeate the entire organization. Working together with you, Knowit can ensure that quality becomes part of your corporate culture

Process Improvement

Sketching a procedural map is not the hard part. In order for new processes and work methods to work efficiently, you must work actively with the people within the organization.

Knowit’s knowledgeable consultants help you map the current situation, prioritize and develop key processes, as well as offer training and create support within the organization.

Quality Coaching

Often, this is a matter of tangibly showing the way, as regards implementation and follow-up of new processes and routines.

We are willing to take on the operative role as quality coaches in a project. We can support the project team to achieve what it has said it will achieve, raise the alarm when something isn’t working and suggest improvements. 

Supplier Management

Have you ever had a supplier that didn’t deliver what was expected of them? Knowit has extensive experience in working with suppliers, in fields such as procurement, process improvement, audits and assessments.

We help you with the quality assurance of suppliers, both during the procurement phase and throughout the course of the project. 

Audits & Assessments

Sometimes, independent reviews of projects or organizations are required. The reason could be external or internal requirements or demands. Such reviews are often referred to as audits or assessments.

An audit can, for instance, serve to uncover how well you are adhering to your own methods or how you measure up to the best practices in the field.

Many of our clients, having shifted to an agile work method, want to know if they live up to the competition in terms of quality. Some have customers that require compliance with a certain standard or standards.

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