The benefit of performing a pre-study ahead of a project is that you can create clear guidelines from the start. We help you to develop business cases, present opportunities for development, perform risk analyses, define roles and responsibilities and ensure that the development project is initiated.

Project review

How often have you worried about your project’s status? What have we achieved? What is left to do? Which challenges are there within the project? Knowit Insight can help with project review so that you as a project owner or stakeholder can get a fair, balanced idea of the project’s status. The review can be used to identify the risks of the project or as decision support for determining if the project should go forward.

Project Management Office

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a unit within the organization in charge of coordinating all its ongoing projects. The PMO can include support functions for projects, processes, and tools, as well as for project governance.

Knowit can help you establish a PMO in your organization. Together, we perform an analysis to determine if a PMO is a suitable solution for you. We can also draw up a plan of action to implement a PMO within your organization. Furthermore, we can review how you can coordinate your projects and make use of synergic effects.

Project governance

Surveys reveal that more than half of the success factors for any given project relate to project governance. Governance is an important task that must be performed by a professional project group (a trained steering group). We support the steering group by mapping how it works and how it is perceived by the project’s stakeholders. Observations are documented and improvements are suggested. This is followed by tailored training, with a focus on areas of improvement in order to achieve higher efficiency in governance. Active coaching of an operative steering group is a natural continuation of this, to ensure a better project outcome.

Program Management

Program management is based on the ability to transform strategic objectives into well-defined and feasible, coordinated projects that deliver the expected benefits.

We support our clients in designing and implementing programs. We have solid practical experience in handling the challenges that arise when you go from idea to action and can ensure that you will achieve the change that you want.

Risk Management

Are you pursuing active risk management in your project? Or do you spend time and resources handling crises instead of performing scheduled activities?

Knowit has consultants certified as Risk Management Professionals. We can support your organization with risk management, risk analysis, and training and develop tools and methods for risk management.

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