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Investment case: Four reasons to invest in Knowit

Investing in Knowit means that you as an investor share with us a belief in a future digitalized and sustainable society.

For companies and organizations, digitalization is about transforming old business models, processes, and structures. We do not currently know exactly what the solutions of the future will look like – in manufacturing, retail, or healthcare. But we do know that all parts of society must change in order to us to live sustainably in the future.

1. Megatrends drive the need for digitalization

Society is characterized by the fast development in AI and the need to connect innovation and sustainability through digitalization. Furthermore, cyberthreats are expected to increase, while geopolitical factors in our surroundings are causing large changes. In times of inflation, rising interest rates, and decreased consumption, Nordic companies are requesting specialist competence in digitalization, albeit with more caution in a weaker economic climate.

2. Knowit has an innovative and attractive corporate culture that attracts top talent

When times are tougher, people tend to seek out stronger, safer alternatives, which means that Knowit can retain competence and stay at the cutting edge. For many years, Knowit has been near the tops of the list when employer branding companies like Universum rank the most attractive workplaces.

3. Knowit has a long history of strong growth, profit, and direct return

Developing operations with profitability is a top priority for us at Knowit. Since 2005, Knowit has increased its net sales year on year, although with a lower EBITA in the weaker economic climate of 2023. During the year, Knowit could also show some growth thanks to a strong market position and successful acquisitions, combined with strong organic growth over several years. Our goal is to give our shareholders an annual dividend of 40–60 percent of the profit.

4. Knowit’s solutions contribute to a sustainable and humane society

For Knowit, sustainable business is about creating long-term value for our stakeholders. In 2023, Knowit has worked hard in preparing to meet the requirements and opportunities that come with the EU sustainability agenda and new directive, CSRD. During the year, several initiatives have been taken to strengthen Knowit’s contribution to the sustainable transition, both internally within Knowit and by supporting clients in their digital transformations.

See our targets & outcomes

Knowit’s financial targets, combined with the general sustainability targets, serve to ensure that Knowit aims for long-term profitable and sustainable growth.

Financial targets, sustainability targets & outcomes

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