Effective decision support

Corporate clients that want to finance outstanding claims upload invoices or create them through an accounting system, whereby they can be read and interpreted digitally. The overall credit rating and the existing policies determine if each client’s application is approved and any risk-based pricing relevant to this. The policies can be adapted as desired in Dploy.

Document production and electronic signatures

The process is finalized through an electronic signature. Dploy updates and creates forms in a PDF format and the signature is requested based on the rules regarding who is a signatory for the company. Both electronic signatures, formal checks, and transfer to the core system for referral are performed automatically.

Dploy fully automates credit processes

The technology platform Dploy fully automates credit processes connected to financing of outstanding claims in a highly effective manner. The platform can be integrated with existing services and IT systems for credit rating, document production, e-signatures, and archiving.

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