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Defence Solutions

As a part of our work within the Defence and Security sector, Knowit has developed a range of bespoke services and products for communication, Situational Awareness, and Interoperability. We have established collaborative partnerships with the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Material Administration, and work closely with international defence forces.


Our reputation is built on trust

For several years we have worked closely with the Swedish defence industry with a foundation in our high-performance solutions. The overarching goal of our defence solutions is to simplify and harmonize joint operations. We specialize in interoperable systems that make missions more efficient and help our customers get the most value out of their investments. Allowing our systems to interact seamlessly with others means that our customers have the upper hand when it comes to decision-making.

We develop top-tier tools for:

  • Command and control
  • Surveillance, detection and intelligence
  • Identifying and neutralizing threats
  • Distributing information and communication
  • Supporting command decisions
  • Simplifying joint operations in defence
  • Joint systems infrastructure and satellite networks
  • Collaborative combat systems

Services we provide within Defence Solutions:

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