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Financial Solutions

Across Knowit’s expertise in Management, Software development and integration, as well as innovation, we can deliver an end-to-end solution within finance. One of our proprietary products, Dploy, is specifically designed with financial institutions in mind, utilizing a modular approach to credit- and lending workflows.


The next-generation Cloud Banking Platform

automation of onboarding and origination processes. With smart and flexible technology, the credit process is streamlined for banks and financial institutions that offer loans, leasing, or other credit services. Giving the end customer a unique user experience - secure and efficient.  

Dploy manages the entire workflow of a credit process, starting from the creation of a customer relationship, through credit application and payment. By automating the lending process, operating costs can be significantly lowered while processing more secure credit ratings.  

Dploy is delivered as a complete web service platform, or with individual microservices such as a scoring module, document management, KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering), collateral as well as authentication, and e-signing. All modules are flexible and scalable based on APIs, perfectly adaptable for needs within:  

  • Mortgages, car loans and leasing, credit cards and other financial products.
  • Factoring, BPL (buy now pay later) and leasing of equipment for companies.
  • Sales financing, as well as unsecured loans and mortgages .

An internal and external user interface is also included. Lastly, the Dploy platform gives you the possibility to adapt currencies, language files, and date formats, as well as many other local settings.  

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