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InCS – A system for message handling

InCS handles different standards for text-based messages in a flexible way by using plugins. We have already developed plugins for several standards and if a new standard is required, we can develop a plugin for that. New plugins can also be developed by the customer using our SDK solution.

Text-based messages are handled in accordance with the routines in the different standards, where communication media, cryptos, prioritizations etc. are set by the user. Your organization’s address book, including all the different communications equipment that is used to reach the different units in your organization, is handled in InCS. Encryption of the information is done by encryption of either attached files, the communication itself or both.

Data-based messages fall under other standards. Messages can automatically be transformed to any relevant standard, for seamless tr asportation of information to connected system.

Since InCS handles both data- and text-based messages, all connected equipment can be used in an efficient way, thus reducing the amount of equipment that has to be bought and installed. Messages can be prioritized, or communication can be sent out in a parallel fashion, if this is required.

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Our systems

FMT (Field Message Terminal) is a complete and transportable InCS system with all the equipment needed to send messages included. The system consists of a suitcase with a computer, crypto, and a modem with the accessories you need to connect the system to your existing radio.

Styrbjörn is a system for remotely controlling radio equipment installed at another location. Styrbjörn can easily be adapted to different vendors’ radio equipment.

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