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Head of Klara Archive Management
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Professional also offers personal records management and rationalization functions.

In operation-based/process-oriented archive management functions, the processes are presented in graphical form and support:

  • Classification structures with version management
  • Structure units with operational areas, process groups and processes with associated process documents
  • Activity documents with activities
  • Activity documents and process documents that can be linked to storage

In the Person module, individuals can be linked to personal records such as journals, certificates, etc. with a description of the storage location.

The Rationalization module is provided to support the archivist when volumes need to be rationalized. This module:

  • Defines rationalization rules for each series
  • Allows rationalization markers to be set manually or automatically
  • Generates rationalization reports
  • Removes the volumes from the system following archive rationalization
  • Saves the rationalization history with the time/date and the number of volumes removed for a particular series
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