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Claes Bengtsson
Head of Klara Archive Management
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If Klara is integrated with other systems, information about classification structures or process information can be transferred as soon as it is saved in Klara. Keeping the company’s structure information in Klara means that all processing happens in one place and that all information is consistent and synchronized across all systems. This saves time, minimizes the risk of errors and improves the quality of information management.

It is also possible to link the archive listing to a document repository. The document repository is an external storage location for information, for example a document management system or an e-archive. In Klara, archives, series and volumes can be linked to locations in one or more document repositories. This provides direct access from Klara to specific cases or documents stored in different locations in the organization.

Klara can also monitor one or more import directories and automatically import any files saved there. The imported files contain metadata for archive management, for example a series hallmark, volume code, etc. This provides direct control over new information generated in an organization.

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