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Organizational development, change, or business development can be tricky to execute. Especially in our new and complex working life, characterized by quick changes, leadership at a distance, and organizational challenges in every possible form. Discuss leadership and organizational matters with our management consultants and organization psychologists. We have experience and specialists in the following areas:

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Organization design

With an analysis that describes your company based on where you are today, where you are headed and what it will take to get there, it will be easier for you to navigate everyday decisions. We can help you with the analysis and then together, based on the results, structure and implement a flexible and agile organization that is better able to meet current and future challenges.

You become both agile and cross-functional, as appropriate, get access to the right knowledge quickly, and encourage a culture where you take the initiative, dare to try new things, and take calculated risks. At the same time, we also help you see the other side of the coin – where you should streamline, harmonize processes, and gain economies of scale, often using intelligent automation solutions. It’s not a matter of neither one nor the other, but rather both.

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Change management

Are you trying to get oriented in a changeable world, to deal with new client or customer requirements, new technology, or globalization? Do you perform changes in your organization, but feel that the desired effects fail to materialize? Regardless of where you are on your change journey, we can help you ensure that the right drivers are in place in your organization:

  1.  A management team uniformly serving as role models in the change.
  2. Creating the right conditions and setting the right expectations at an early stage.
  3. Focusing on cultural aspects, behavioral changes, and psychological safety.
  4. Identifying and involving key recipients.
  5. An effective change leadership promoting learning and collaboration.
  6. Involving ambassadors to create innovation and engagement.
  7. Encouraging employees to practice personal leadership, to facilitate agility and increased flexibility.

We are happy to take on the role as change managers, where our expertise in change management, combined with your organization-specific knowledge, ensures a successful change journey.

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Fast and continuous changes in the outside world create new demands on leaders. Setting strategic priorities, adapting and discussing the situation as it stands, daring to make and execute decisions, taking responsibility and getting collaborations to work are important qualities in a manager.

Do you have what it takes or do you need some help to lead through changes? With our management consultants and organizational psychologists, you get an extra boost of inspiration and several hands-on tools that strengthen your leadership and increase employee engagement.

The power of execution

How can you as a leader increase the efficiency in your change efforts, without causing stress among your employees? What can you do to remove silos from your organization and get collaborations to work better? We support you as a manager and leader in four key areas that help you focus the power of execution and achieve more in your change efforts:

  1. Choose a strategy with clearly set goals to succeed with the change and achieve the desired development.
  2. Create psychological safety in the group through effective leadership and accountability.
  3. Promote an engaged leadership and trust-based governance, where the focus is on the core operations and clients or customers.
  4. Achieve cross-border collaborations through good relationships and sound communication based on mutual respect, knowledge sharing and solution-oriented work methods.

The power of execution encompasses management team development, with a focus on strategic priorities, organizational development, leadership development, team development, change management, leader coaching, and assessments.

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Head of offering
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