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Strategy & Commercial

Do you need a new strategy to meet your customer's demands, and at the same time increase your profitability and pricing excellence? Our Management consultants will guide you in how to meet the new digital reality.

Profitability programs & Management​

We are specialists at profitability improvement that support your journey towards improved and sustainable profitability. We have both operational and experienced consultants ready to provide your organization with the best conditions to achieve results and experts with industry experience. 

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Commercial excellence & Pricing strategy

Price optimization is an excellent lever for increasing a company’s profitability without large investments. Optimizing a company’s pricing strategy is about understanding the underlying drivers of customer value and paying attention to the details in terms, of targets and KPIs. 

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Insight and Trend Analysis 

Better decision-making and more successful business development driven by a deep understanding of you as a customer and your market. 

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Market, Category, and Offer Strategy 

Together with our clients, we strive for maximum positive impact. In today's complex world, this means truly understanding customers' needs in depth, finding the right focus, and defining initiatives based on this. Starting from the consumer, shopper, and retail perspective, we define and develop unique value propositions and innovative concepts that drive your sales and the category as a whole. This, in turn, strengthens the relationship with the retailer. 

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Carin Strindmark

Head of Knowit Insight

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