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What are the management challenges when it comes to e-commerce? What are our critical phases? What characterises those who succeed? What is it that drives significant change in growth curves?

Knowit offers a powerful strategic tool that identifies where you are on a maturity curve, as well as critical focus areas and a concrete action plan that enables a more rapid transition towards a better result.

Which critical factors must be prioritised? How do you prioritise them? What is required in the form of resources, investments and management focus in order to move further? 

Many companies experience frustration whether they’re still at the start of a digital transformation or have started and have perhaps become unstuck. We have noted that several of our customers wonder what is holding them back and why the results are not as they had intended.

One common problem is the distance between management and those who work with e-commerce.

For many people, e-commerce is a new and complex multi-disciplinary entity with its own characteristics that distinguish it from traditional channels. It also needs to be more than merely a sales channel.

In such situations it can be wise to take a timeout

One common pitfall is the absence of a strategy that explicitly takes into account digital challenges. This should be based on a unique offer to customers and on a strategic positioning. This positioning will be broken down into all dimensions that permeate e-commerce, for example, organisation and process, product, storage and logistics, customer service, etc. Without a vision and a plan, there is a great risk of making the wrong priorities and investments.

E-commerce managers find themselves in a situation in which they have to develop the business with insufficient resources. Then it is important that your plan is deeply rooted within the management. The consequences are often that development and investment fail to maintain sufficient momentum, which in turn creates a situation where you feel frustrated and endlessly have to put out fires. The result is a failure to deliver.

As well as the absence of a strategy that takes into account the digital reality, there may also be other areas that require diagnosis and prioritisation to ensure progress. Our “Commerce Health Check by Experience” includes an analysis of 12 areas, and it gives you a prioritisation list and a suggested action plan. Based on this, both management and e-commerce managers will gain a clear picture of the extent to which the business is competitive as well as concrete proposals that will genuinely impact digital investments.

Commerce Health Check by Knowit Experience is based on experience of an extensive range of assignments in which we have given advice to world-leading brands and retailers concerning digital strategy and e-commerce. With more than 500 Nordic specialists at Knowit Experience, you can be assured of substantial expertise within digital presence and e-commerce. You will also encounter Knowit’s philosophy, which states that in order to succeed, we must understand both the physical and the digital world, as well as how society changes through digitalisation. 

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