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Banking for ever-changing times


Morrow, a new digital consumer bank, has seen the light of day. Empowered by a distinct brand concept rooted in an ambitious strategy, convenience and simplicity are at the core of the brand experience. Morrow offers services in the Nordic region and EU.


Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future

Consumer banking has traditionally had a frayed reputation based on outdated assumptions. New regulations give the consumer more control of the loan and back payments. Morrow wanted this consumer orientation in the brand name, identity, online and customer experience, highlighting user-friendly, frictionless and reassuring solutions.

The new name of the bank is descriptive. It has purely positive associations. The design further advanced these underlying associations, with an animated logo arising from light and gradients symbolising how the sun colours the sky.

Morrow's new colors

A dynamic use of colors

The dynamic use of colors implemented in an office exterior and interior, online and offline, and the progressive use of highlighted type leaves the consumer with an optimistic view of what the future brings.

Morrow card in a box

Knowit has been pivotal

The identity is a result of a close collaboration between Knowit and Morrow Bank. Both process and facilitation have been comprehensive and involving, displaying creativity and enthusiasm. The result is a modern and attractive brand that enables the bank to succeed in a competitive market.

Knowit gathered insight and showed extensive understanding and knowledge of our business and goals. They used this understanding to develop a brand strategy, name and identity. It has been a pleasure to work with Knowit. The new branding for Morrow Bank gives us the power and strength to reposition ourselves for further growth.

Enok Hanssen, CCO

Morrow Bank


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