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75% increase in profit from optimized paid search


Komplett felt the market situation alongside with their competitors – and decided to act. With a creative take we optimized the Google Ads bidding process by utilizing product-level profit across the catalogue.

Kompletts webbplats på surfplatta.

Creativity in a declining market

A declining market and reduced demand of electronics in Nordics made Komplett, an e-commerce within home and office electronics, look into what optimized search ads could do for them. Paid search is a crucial part of the Komplett brands' marketing mix, and investments in paid search normally only optimizes for top-line revenue. The challenge they brought to Knowit Experience was to see if there are other ways to work with paid search.   

Optimization based on profit

Analysis made, revealed the vast potential of utilizing first-party data compared to revenue figures alone. So, the specialists of paid search built a solution optimized by profit instead of revenue. The first-party margin data was implemented seamless and secure into the marketing tools and strategy through interdisciplinary collaboration from procurement and pricing to development and IT. 

The solution utilizes product-level profit across the catalogue of more than 15,000 products in real-time to optimize the bidding processes across Google Ad products. 


75% growth and scaling up

The results landed on a 75 percent growth in the paid search results, which is fantastic and gained attention from both competitors and Google. It has increased profit and revenue in a declining market. Scaling of the solution now begin, with other digital channels and Komplett's sister brands, NetOnNet and Webhallen, across the Nordics.  

Threefold winner in the Norwegian Performance Awards 

During the Performance Awards in Norway the solution gained attention and was awarded threefold. Komplett and Knowit Experience won the categories Performance Innovation, Online Performance, and Best Use of Data. 


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