Members of the Remuneration Committee

In accordance with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, the Board has established a remuneration committee, consisting of:

  • Jon Risfelt, Chairman of the Board (board member since 2013)
  • Camilla Monefeldt Kirstein (board member since 2014)


The Committee's work in 2020

The committee has met two times during the year and discussed remuneration, incentive programs and guidelines for incentive programs, as well as employment conditions for the Corporate Management Team. No share-based incentive programs are proposed to the AGM. Further, the committee has reviewed the new Remuneration report to be published ahead of the AGM 2021. 

The committee and Board propose that the guidelines on remuneration to executives shall, in accordance with the rules adopted at the AGM 2020, include a basic salary, a variable performance remuneration, and pension and other benefits. The total compensation package shall be market-based and competitive, reflecting the employee’s area of responsibility and the complexity of the position.

The President negotiates the remuneration and terms of employment for the employees on the Corporate Management Team. The total compensation package shall be market-based and competitive, reflecting the employee’s area of responsibility and the complexity of the position.


The fee to the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee is SEK 50,000 (50,000) and to the Member of the Remuneration Committee SEK 35,000 (35,000).

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