Members of the Audit Committee

The Board has instated an audit committee, which consists of:

  • Kia Orback Pettersson, chairman (board member since 2018)
  • Jon Risfelt (board member since 2013)
  • Peder Ramel up to the AGM 2022
  • Stefan Gardefjord, as of the AGM 2022 (board member since 2018)


The committee's work in 2022

The audit committee has held seven meetings during the year and has discussed, among other things:

  • Internal governance and review
  • The auditors’ review and reporting
  • Internal financial reporting
  • Depreciation tests of goodwill
  • Valuation of shares in subsidiaries
  • Interim Reports and the Annual Report
  • Inventory of company risks



The fee to the Chairman of the Audit Committee is SEK 135,000 (130,000) and to each member of the Audit Committee SEK 68,000 (65,000).

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