Our employee promise

Grow – We have an innovative environment that contributes to personal development, with an emphasis on security, involvement, and joy.

Make a difference – With our unique knowledge, competence, and characteristics, we contribute to a more sustainable and humane society.

Together – We collaborate and support one another to generate the opportunities to be creative in our work. We share our knowledge and work closely with colleagues, clients, and partners.

Our core values

We are fair

We are close by and available

We are passionate about innovation

Employeeship and attracting competence

In order to identify how we can work to continuously develop and improve as an employer, we measure employee satisfaction and eNPS (willingness to recommend the workplace). Both the employee index and the willingness to recommend Knowit as a workplace remain very high. In Universum’s Career Barometer for Young Professionals 2021, Knowit was named best in the industry among consultancy firms in the category Data/IT. This means that we are ranked highest among all IT consultancy firms in the IT sector in Sweden by the young professionals in the IT industry.

The healthy workplace

The figures for ill health are around three percent at Knowit and in the IT sector in general. This is low, compared with in society at large. The largest health risk in our industry relates to psycho-social aspects, impacted by a demanding work situation and stress.

In order to make Knowit a healthier workplace, we are using both corporate-wide and local efforts. Employees get information on psycho-social poor health and stress. Managers and executives are trained as regards how to prevent stress-related poor health and burnout in the workplace. We are also working to speed up rehabilitative efforts for those on long-term sick leave and offer corporate healthcare and health check-ups to all employees.

Our offices in Sweden have already implemented local activities such as group training, step challenges, personal coaching, and inspirational health lectures on diet, training, and mindfulness. We work to increase awareness among employees, provide further training to managers and executives, increase the focus on healthcare, and implement further active measures to shorten the time spent in rehabilitative care.


We prioritize equality and work to ensure that all employees are treated equally, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and religion.

The proportion of women at Knowit continues to increase and is approaching 30 percent. The corporate management team encompasses six women and four men.

Since 2016, Knowit has been performing a gender project to become a more attractive workplace among women. The consultancy development program GROW has been offered since 2018 and is aimed at female employees, to improve equality at Knowit and to retain and develop competence.

Knowit’s equality initiatives were honored when we were shared runner-up at the AllBright Awards 2018. In 2019 we were awarded the title of best company on the Stockholm Exchange as regards equality work. The award is given by the AllBright Foundation to the company on the stock exchange that has made the most progress in the field of equality over the course of the preceding year.

Working to counteract sexual harassment

We use active measures to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment. Great weight is placed on proactive efforts, focused on disseminating knowledge, offering forums for discussion, and creating a culture characterized by respect and security. The work is based on legislation and our responsibility as an employer, but also on psychological knowledge about needs in case of stress. A process has been implemented with concrete courses of action for managing incidents, including therapeutic support in safe conditions.

The work is governed by our Code of Conduct and equality and diversity policy.

Gender-aware recruitment for improved equality

It is important to us that we reach all the competent candidates when we recruit for new positions. Regardless of gender. To facilitate this, we have applied more gender-awareness to recruitment. We work actively with our job ads, so as to reach all potential job applicants, whoever they are.

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