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Our policies

It is important to us to have clear ideas and frameworks as a basis in our efforts to be the best business partner and employer we can be. For that reason, we have a set of internal regulations which together with the external rules make up the framework for our operations.

Code of Conduct

Our corporate culture is based on fundamental values regarding a sustainable society and is created in collaboration between responsible managers and employees and based on respect for the value and dignity of each person, as well as openness and honesty.

Code of Conduct (pdf)

Communication policy

Communication is an important strategic matter for both employees and managers at Knowit. The overall goal of Knowit’s communication is to support the vision and business goals, and to reinforce the image of Knowit as a client-oriented digitization partner, and a trustworthy employer.

Communication policy (pdf)

Equality and diversity policy

Through information, we will increase awareness about equality matters and strive for an open attitude and equal treatment throughout the corporation.

Equality and diversity policy (pdf)

Information security policy

The purpose of the information security policy is to protect our clients, Knowit as company, our brand, our employees and our operations from disruption, and reduce risks and harm by preventing and minimizing the impact of unwanted events or incidents.

Information Security and Data Protection Policy (pdf)

Privacy policy

In our privacy policy, we describe the processing of personal data that occurs within the framework of our operations, the purpose of the processing, the legal bases for the processing, which entities we may come to share your personal data with, and your rights in relation to your personal data.

Privacy policy (pdf)

Quality policy

It is Knowit’s policy to market and deliver services, solutions and systems only of such quality that they fulfil each client’s expectations and deserve and gain the full confidence of the client. In this way, the client obtains value-adding, effective solutions to their problems.

Quality policy (pdf)

Sustainability policy

The purpose of our Sustainability policy is to specify the direction, organization and the accountability for our joint sustainability efforts. In this policy, the term sustainability should be understood from a holistic perspective, including the environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Sustainability policy (pdf)

Workplace environment policy

No employee should be affected by physical or mental illness or be injured as an effect of his/her work. If this were to happen, Knowit as an employer is prepared for managing the situation and assisting the affected person.

Workplace environment policy (pdf)

Supplier Code of Conduct

Knowit’s corporate culture is based on fundamental values of a sustainable society and is created in the meeting between conscientious executives and employees and based on respect for the value and dignity of each person, as well as openness and honesty. In this document, we describe what this means in practice in relation to our suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct (pdf)