Knowit in brief

We are digitalization consultants that create unique customer values by offering digital and cross-functional solutions from three business areas: Experience, Insight, and Solutions.

It is our ability to combine expertise in design and communication, management consulting, and IT that sets us apart from other consultancy firms. Our culture is characterized by openness, understanding of the client’s business, strong specialist competence, and a drive to constantly develop.

Knowit was established in 1990 and has around 2,600 employees at 15 locations in Sweden, five in Norway, two in Denmark, and one each Finland, and Germany. Knowit AB (publ) is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm.


Our offer

Experience has been described as the leading digital agency in the Nordic region, with operations in four countries. Using targeted digital presence and enriching user experiences via web and social media, we help companies and organizations to achieve their business-critical objectives.

Insight, with its almost 300 employees, is one of the stronger digital management consultancy firms in the Nordic region. We help our clients develop and strengthen the abilities required in the successful organizations of the future.

Solutions helps organizations develop their operations through a range of IT solutions. We have cutting-edge expertise in all parts of the system development process – from ideation, architecture, and project management to system development, implementation, testing, and security.


Sustainability efforts

Knowit’s role in society is expanding in an increasingly digitized world. It is becoming more and more important to understand how society is changing, so that we are better at seizing opportunities, managing risks, and shaping our business. Therefore, sustainability efforts are something that we consider to be very important.

How we contribute to a sustainable world

Issues that will have a significant impact on the future of society include the connected world, demographic changes, scarce resources, and climate change. These driving forces affect our environment, the development of society, which companies people want to work for, and how we are perceived by clients and society.


Our business

By combining strategic skills with a passion for technology and creative solutions, we create digital possibilities and long-term value. We deliver projects that contribute to the development of society and take the human aspect into account, as regards both usability and privacy. An important part of our everyday work is to increase our clients’ understanding of how digitization can contribute to a circular economy and an improved society.


At Knowit, the average age is 40 years and 28% of us are women – a number we are working to raise. Equality is an important issue and it is important to us that all employees shall be treated equally, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, creed, etc. We regularly send out employee surveys to identify how we can improve as an employer.



It is important to us to have clear ideas and frameworks as a basis in our efforts to be the best employer we can be. For that reason, we have a set of internal regulations which together with the external rules make up the framework for our operations.


We want to share and contribute with our knowledge, competence, and support to those who need it. Because we have the possibility, we volunteer to support various organizations in the ways that we can.


Prizes & awards

We are immensely happy and proud when what we have invested a lot of time and work into is lauded through an award or prize. This motivates us to continue developing and to perform even better. The most important thing for us is that we, along with our clients and partners, create sustainable digital solutions for a better tomorrow.

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