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With 20+ years’ experience from the sector, we have specialized in developing e-commerce solutions that increase conversion and profitability, and improve user experiences. Whether you want to build a new system or improve or refine your existing e-commerce strategy, we are ready with a team of e-commerce experts.

Proudly presenting some of our work:

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Independent services or total supplier

Our solution architects, strategic advisors, and business developers help large and small e-commerce players in B2B and B2C to build new solutions or develop and improve your digital commerce. We cover the entire spectrum from strategic positioning, precision, and smart marketing to implementation of digital support systems. By collaborating with us, you can get help with standalone services or hire us as a total supplier.

We can help you with:

  • Increased growth and profitability 
    Of course, this includes turnarounds and international expansion.
  • Customer relations and loyalty 
    You get an optimal and seamless client experience, contributing to increased conversion and sales, while also improving loyalty.
  • Traffic and visibility 
    We make sure you rank highly on search engines – more users will find you, traffic will increase, and you get an e-commerce system that delivers.
  • Change management and strategy
    Through application of change management and strategy, we optimize your e-commerce company and make it data-driven.
  • Teams and organizations
    We help you adapt and shape your organization, so you are ready for and can adapt to the world of today.

Sync – experts in profitability and growth

Our experienced teams of e-commerce experts will maximize your profitability by developing a long-term and successful e-commerce strategy, perform continuous optimizations, and always work close to you and your team. With these efforts, we attract new clients and increase profitability through the right actions.

Partner to Optimizely DXP and Litium

As a Optimizely DXP Premium Platinum Partner and Litium Premium Solution Partner, we have created several e-commerce solutions – large and small – and we know what it takes to create a e-commerce solution that delivers. What are your needs? Contact us and we will help you! 

Other services that we deliver in e-commerce:

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