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Claes Bengtsson
Head of Klara Archive Management
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Klara Classic allows you to define objects (archive creators, archives, series and volumes) and to list them according to the public archive structure. A large amount of information can be entered and managed for each object using a tabbed interface. As well as entering information you can attach references like files and links to objects.

To make the job of listing easier, there is support for batch data entry, batch updates and volume renumbering. You can also copy archives, series and volumes, for example to divide a series. It is easy to move an object like a series, ,along with its underlying volumes from one archive to another.

Each object has advanced search options in order to enable selection from the archive listing and finding information there. There is also a very useful free text search function that can locate any information in text form. The result is presented in a structured way, in a table listing the number of hits per object. From here, you can drill down to the information you need.

Klara Classic has a wide range of built-in reports including the archive listing, archive statistics, directory of holdings, labels, etc.

There is also a module for custom label designs, where you can change fonts, font sizes, dimensions, logos, etc. and also alter the order and position of the information.

The archive listing can be exported to EAD, EAC and NADMarc format for delivery to the Swedish National Archive or other archive authority.

Permissions in Klara are managed using roles, and they can be restricted further depending on the archive creator and archive.

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