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SAS Institute

Knowit offers tailored SAS education. The courses consist of a mix of exercises and theoretical run-throughs held by a teacher.

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Knowit is a certified Tableau training partner in Sweden, with accredited teachers. We offer the following educations, but can also tailor training for your organization, if needed.

Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals
Two-day course. Learn the basics of Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate
Two-day advanced course.

Tableau Accelerated
Three-day course. A course combining Fundamentals and Intermediate, at a higher pace.

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Together with WhereScape, Knowit offers the possibility to speed up and simplify development work through data warehouse automation, agile development, program code standardization, and documentation.

The tool is revolutionary and growing in popularity in Europe. Clients notice more efficiency in the development process for data warehouses and can thus obtain data, with well-documented code, in less than half the time.

Knowit is WhereScape's largest partner in the Nordic region and can offer certified consultants, advice, and introduction to the tools.

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Snowflake is the only cloud platform for data warehousing on the market, and has been devised to make use of all the benefits of the cloud. With Snowflake, it is easy to gather data, perform analyses, and gain insights. Snowflake also makes the data available to all the users, consumers and systems that need them.

Knowit is Snowflake's largest partner in Sweden and has experience of implementation in the cloud and migration to Snowflake.

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Head of Training in BI
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