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Efficient support to members with a ChatGPT 4.0-based legal assistant


Magistrenes A-kasse explored the potential to enhance and streamline case processing using ChatGPT. The goal was to achieve faster processes, improve response time to members, ascertain of high quality advisory, and reduce the risk of oversight by caseworkers. At the same time, there was an ambition to free up more resources for member-focused activities.


Is it possible to develop a legal assistant through ChatGPT?

When Knowit initiated the collaboration with Magistrenes A-kasse (MA), just before the summer of 2023, the project was of an experimental character. The question was: Is this even a viable path? The answer quickly became clear: Yes, it is. We had a prototype.

A prototype alone is not enough: We subsequently developed the legal assistant further, allowing us to log in as different user types, update/refine legal materials, log responses, and more. We built a minimum viable product (MVP) – a version 1.0 of the solution, which contains several essential core functionalities and can be used by caseworkers.

Secure solution with technical expertise and deep knowledge

The development of the legal assistant required equal parts system development and implementation.

Lasse Løvdahl from Knowit's innovation department was responsible for implementing the ChatGPT technique, and Fredi Falk Vogelius from the consultancy firm Nymand & Vogelius contributed with domain knowledge about the A-kasse system and prompt engineering.

Prompt engineering ensures precision

The solution is tailored for MA. Therefore, the solution should only answer questions within the domain of the A-kasse system and not, for example, questions about cake recipes. Additionally, the solution had to provide accurate answers. We fed the solution with the Schultz legal collection and a wide selection of rulings, so it became familiar with legal practices in the field. We also worked on hitting the right tone of voice, to match MA.

92 percent correct in quality review by Chief Legal Officer

The legal assistant was subsequently examined by MA's legal counsel for quality assurance of the results. The legal assistant was tasked with answering 41 questions – 38 of the answers were satisfactory or impressive. This performance exceeded what could reasonably be expected from a caseworker.

Once experience has been gained from daily work with the legal assistant within MA, the next step (if the legal assistant passes the "everyday test") is to offer members the option to use the solution when logged in to MA's member portal.

Six weeks to get a well-functioning ChatGPT in place

Now that this pioneering work has been done, what can we say about the size of the task? Well, we would recommend allocating six weeks for technical development, prompt engineering, testing, and quality assurance. Here, the budget was DKK 500,000.

The legal assistant has been developed by Knowit's innovation department (technical implementation) in collaboration with Nymand & Vogelius (organizational implementation, domain adaptation, and prompt engineering) on behalf of Magistrenes A-kasse.

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