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A management team paving the way for the organization's generative AI journey


How can the organization prepare for AI at the beginning of the new technological era? DNB Sweden's management team has, together with Knowit, answered that question and created a roadmap for the organization's development journey within generative AI (GenAI) over the coming year.

A flexible goal

The bank DNB Sweden sees potential in GenAI to simplify and streamline, for example, work processes, regulatory compliance, data management, and improving the customer experience. However, calculating the significant business value over time is more challenging because the technology is still evolving.

In collaboration with Knowit, the management team of DNB Sweden chose a proactive approach to review the management team's responsibilities regarding how they should work with GenAI in connection with business goals and strategies. To strategically leverage the potential of GenAI, the management team needs a sufficiently good understanding of the technology and alignment across the organization's capabilities to lead the organization's work strategically, tactically, and operationally. 

We needed to create a common foundation within our management team to support the organization's development going forward. With certainty, in the future, we will do things differently and create value in new ways.

Petra Karmteg, COO

DNB Sweden

Current state and desired state

The work began with a series of joint workshops, addressing the following topics: what the technology is, how it works, its limitations, and the management team's role in implementing GenAI in the organization. With a good overall understanding of the technology, its potential can be utilized for business purposes.

In the next step, a self-assessment of the organization's ability to carry out change work was conducted, along with identifying which areas should be prioritized to leverage GenAI. The engine for success lies in the organization's change management, where they need resources to handle the technology and personnel matters. As a bank, DNB has legal, security, and technical requirements to consider in addition to the capabilities of its personnel.

During the process, DNB was able to evaluate its capabilities to address challenges in creating value with GenAI in leadership, change management, governance & accountability, cybersecurity, data structure & data quality, impact optimization, and legal matters, with the assistance of Knowit.

A roadmap for GenAI and technological development

With a shared and updated understanding of the technology and their organization, DNB Sweden has created an overarching roadmap for the organization's business development linked to GenAI. Since the technology is new and development is rapid, the work resulted in a plan for DNB Sweden to work with over the coming year. They also have the tools to continue developing the roadmap and adapt to the shifts occurring as the technology evolves. 

After this collaboration, we have a clearer idea of how we, as a management team, should approach GenAI. In some areas, we have already been quick to adapt. The difference after collaborating with Knowit is that we have a foundation in place to navigate the developments over time.

Elisabeth Beskow, CEO

DNB Sweden

How the Solution Contributes to Agenda 2030


Technological development with GenAI helps the organization become more efficient, which, for example, can free up time for employees to increase value in the business for customers and society. To create an organizational innovation capacity, the management team needs to plan how they best support the organization's development while maintaining the business strategy over time.

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