High demands on organizations

There are high demands placed on the organizations of today: to maintain profitability, competitiveness, and satisfied employees. Owners expect increased efficiency and better resource usage, managers strive for flexible and scalable solutions, regulatory requirements increase expectations and demands for traceability and quality, and employees want to work more with problem-solving and value-creating tasks rather than following fixed process descriptions.

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Time-consuming repetitive processes

Many rule-based, repetitive business processes are currently managed by human employees, who need to compensate for incomplete IT systems and a lack of integration between these systems. This means that a lot of valuable time goes to waste; time that the client can use to solve more complex problems instead of performing tasks that robots and machines can do better. We humans quickly tire of repetitive tasks and even the most skilled workers make errors. Errors which can have serious consequences for a company.

Three out of four companies will need to automate processes before the end of 2020 in order to survive

ServiceNow 2017 Global Survey, 1,850 companies

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Automate processes and free up resources

A digital employee based on RPA can take over and automate a large portion of the manual business processes of today. Use med the word “robot” in this context refers to development of a program that mimics the tasks usually performed by a human using a computer. A robot of this kind can perform manual, repetitive, and rule-based processes both faster, more precisely, and more reliably than a human.

Technology represents a unique possibility to free up human resources and increase capacity, eliminate errors and improve quality, as well as enabling for cost savings without making changes to existing IT systems and processes. A robot can be implemented in 4–6 weeks and will have an immediate effect.

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