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Demand for fast answers and availability

The customers of today have greater demands on availability, faster responses, and simpler solutions. A lot of this is due to the dramatically increased use of messaging services like Messenger, Slack, Kick, WhatsApp and WeChat. An average person currently spends about 90% of their time on the phone using messaging services and expects that other communication channels will also yield responses in near real-time.

This development indicates that direct communication, for example through a chat, is becoming more important, and that companies continuously need to find new solutions for collaborating with customers on the platforms where they spend most of their time.

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Increased availability requires increased resources

Curent development represents a paradigm shift, with new requirements on availability and response time in the dialogue with customers. Satisfying multiple expectations and upholding quality in customer dialogues requires a significant resource investment in the customer center for many companies. With an increased number of requests comes a cost increase that the company must manage.

The traditional model for customer service and support is under pressure. To better balance cost, quality, and efficiency, companies must explore new, smart solutions.

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Chatbots mean lower costs and improved quality

For many companies, the solution is to explore the possibility to automate customer service and support with the help of chatbots. The term chatbot refers to software that can communicate and interact with humans, primarily through the written word, but also through voice-based solutions. This technology is gaining a footing in Nordic business ad we already have examples of chatbots that deal with thousands of questions every month. The implementation of chatbots entails significant potential for cost savings, as well as increased availability and shorter response times, which will contribute to better customer experiences. With a development time of 4–8 weeks, most companies can quickly implement their first chatbot, with immediate effects.

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