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Data Warehouse

Data management means getting control of your data and enhancing it with quality assurance throughout its lifecycle. This minimizes the risks and costs associated with non-compliance, legal difficulties, and security breaches. It also means you can go straight to the information you need just when you need it, with no misunderstandings due to ambiguity or conflicting data.

A data warehouse combines all your data from every system in the same place. The entire organization can access the same information with no loss of integrity, no filters or distortions, in a way that suits the company’s industry and way of working.

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Master Data Management and Data Quality

Master data is data which is common throughout the organization. Examples include HR data, customer data, product data, etc.

The information is likely to be stored in many different systems and formats depending on the company’s focus, size and data maturity.

Master data management (MDM) aims to ensure that the company’s information is used in a consistent, relevant and correct way. Higher data quality creates the right conditions for better business and can thus boost sales and profits and ensure a consistent perspective on reality.

Master data for a reliable overview

The different systems in use in a company often contain the same information, but described in different ways. Your data warehouse uses something called master data, which gives you a standardized view of the information and your company’s activities. The result is a data source in which all the information is organized to make it easy to work with – on a day-to-day basis, but also when you want to analyze the workings of the company in more detail. This in turn produces high-quality data that is correct and up to date at all times. 

Data warehouse review

Do you already have a data warehouse? Instead of creating a new data warehouse, Knowit can analyze your existing one to ensure it is an effective solution, and also optimize your processes, revenues and costs.


Data warehouse automation

Consign hand-coded data warehouse solutions to history and let Knowit lead the way with a new data warehouse automation tool.

Together we can automate and speed up the routine bulk tasks involved in developing a data warehouse, with the following benefits:

  • Massive productivity increase during development

  • Significantly shorter project duration

  • Minimal repetitive work, freeing up resources for value-adding activities

  • Your data warehouse is consistent, robust and well-documented for future additions and changes
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