Performance Management

The finance department is developing quickly. While it was formerly a passive function based on historical data, it is now moving along a more dynamic, process-oriented path toward active business development. Through financial analyses, you can see the underlying connections and tools that actively support the operations.

Supply Chain Intelligence

The current business climate, with globalization, outsourcing, and increased demands, is a challenge that many fall victim of. The supply chain is under daily pressure to become more efficient and cost-efficient. Every link in the supply chain generates data, which can be used to streamline the process. At the same time, the process is closely connected to the strategies and core competencies of the operations.

Customer Intelligence

Marketing requires more today than it did before. Operations often have data on the customers' needs, preferences, and behaviors. If we use this data, we can transform marketing into an exact, logical science, where contact points are optimized in sales, service, and delivery. This would mean that you can optimize your marketing budget for maximum yield.

Risk intelligence

There are almost daily reports of global examples of catastrophic risk management. Major banks go bankrupt due to excessive risk-taking, global giants destroy natural resources because of placing savings in the wrong place. In the future, companies will calculate and price their risks, providing risk management with a more operative perspective, instead of the current more defensive coverage.

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