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Reap the benefits of the full potential of your data and get answers to important questions about the future of your operation. What challenges await on the horizon? What possibilities do you have? Use the right decision support. We have long experience of advanced analysis and can extract added value from your data.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is no longer something that belongs to the future - it is here and now. By using algorithms for pattern recognition and learning, we can teach our machines to perform various tasks and create machines with intelligent behavior. Through learning environments where machines and people learn and develop together, you can create all kinds of possibilities.

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Business and data advisory

Analytics is much more than just technology. To really get qualitative analyses that are delivered at the right time to the right people, the goals need to take center stage and be realistic. It has to be clear who does what in the information stream and all the people in the organization need to work together. Then, you will have the best possible circumstances to create an effective information solution.

We will help you, using the latest technology, and have a holistic approach when we analyze your business from the information perspective.

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Business intelligence and visualization

Are you wrestling with the challenge of understanding, managing, and presenting your data in a comprehensible way? We can help you visualize your data so that they become easier for everyone in your organization to understand. When everyone shares a view of how to interpret data, the direction will be clearer and motivation will increase.

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Data engineering

How should your data be stored, used, and analyzed so that information security and secrecy are managed in accordance with applicable laws? We can guide among both the analytical tools and the models, so that you can explore your big data and transform it into insights.

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Data management

Are your data quality-assured and correct? With Data Warehousing and Master Data Management, you will gain control over your data. In the data warehouse, you can gather, clean, and ensure maximum data quality from multiple source systems, before you use the data in a business intelligence app for further analyses of your operations.

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Intelligent automation

By automating tasks which would otherwise need to be done by office staff, you can both lower costs and increase your capacity and service quality. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) gives your staff the opportunity to develop in other crucial areas.

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Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of Things is growing alongside digitalization. These "things" or devices can sense their surroundings, communicate and adapt their activities depending on the situation, thus enabling for helpful environments and services. We help you explore and create smart solutions for your operations and your customers' needs.

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Training - tools and platforms

We offer client-tailored training and courses regarding all our partner tools, including courses in SAS and Wherescape. We are the only certified education partner to Tableau. You can also get training on the cloud platform Snowflake and any of Microsoft's BI products.

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Our partners

We collaborate with many partners in order to offer you the best tools and platforms on the market. You can read more about our partners through the link below.


  • SAS Institute
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
  • Wherescape
  • Microsoft
  • Qlik
  • Oracle
  • Informatica
  • IBM
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