Innovative solutions

Digitalization creates new opportunities for citizens and society. Every day millions of people use new solutions from Knowit. In this way, we help our customers create more democracy, better health and better lives in a world with many challenges.

We make it happen!

Digital transformation and innovation

What strategy do you have for dealing with a digitally changing world? Which possibilities and solutions can digitization offer your operations? We make sure that you get the right guidance and can work innovatively with efficient work methods, from day one.

System development and management

System development is very dear to us and we always develop systems with the full lifecycle in mind - from planning to management. We ensure that your systems develop in tandem with your changing business needs.

Data-driven operations and analytics

What are your data telling you and are you using them in the right way? Do you have a joint view of how to interpret your data? We can help you transform and visualize complex data to gain valuable insights for better decision support.

System solutions and platforms

With long technical experience and competence from specific industries, we can understand your organization and its unique challenges. In complex transformation projects, we can assist with our operative knowledge to shorten the start-up period and increase efficiency, so as to achieve the results that meet your needs.

Industry and customers

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