Increase your execution capability

Change is happening at an accelerating pace, and for organizations to be successful the path from strategy to execution needs to be shorter.​

Our experience is that many organizations struggle with low-value realization and studies show that only 10 % of all strategies are realized.​
We address the “execution gap” in two steps:​
  1. First, by reviewing the strategic aspects that will realize business value​

  1. Second, by focusing on how to actually increase the executive power within the organization. ​

We often talk about the importance of Change Leadership and Change Management.​

Companies that actually decreased the gap, improved sales by over 9 % and profitability by over 3 %. In addition, new revenue streams and increased employer engagement were generated within the organization.​ 

What we can do for you

Focus on the bigger picture​
A more collaborative and focused management team will see the bigger picture and hence have a common understanding of strategic and operational aspects and will be open-minded about it.
Enhance strategic priorities
A common vision and direction create clarity and consensus on strategic priorities and resource needs to lead change.
Increased collaboration and cross-functional cooperation​
Enhanced relationship coordination provides cooperative responsibilities and improved collaboration, even outside management.
Impact of Change LeadershipUnity and ownership for change within the Management team will enable ​a more efficient organisation, with increased transparency, productivity, learning and innovation.

What you can look forward to

Examples of enriched organisations​

  • Enhanced change capabilities with improved ability to adopt new business models and conditions ​
  • An empowered management team enables increased opportunities to realize strategies with necessary changes​
  • Economic sustainability (profitability, efficiency, customer loyalty, digitalisation, operating model and growth)
  • Social sustainability (motivated employees that deliver results, increased well-being, continuous learning in an open-minded culture).​
  • Environmental sustainability
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