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Data Analytics

Do you need help to succeed with data-driven growth? We make sure that you and your organization can realize the value of your data, identify new business possibilities, and streamline operations.

Current challenges

Many organizations have good methods and tools for gathering large amounts of data. One challenge is to quickly and efficiently extracting relevant information from different data sources and transforming facts into insights in real time – but not everyone can manage to draw as precise conclusions as possibly at the speed required today.

Some organizations also struggle with not knowing which decisions and processes can benefit from data-driven insights and which will not. For that reason, it is important to manage these challenges in order to create value in the operations.

Our offer

We help you and your organization move forward on your digital transformation journey, so that you create lasting growth, identify new business opportunities, and streamline your operations.

You get practical guidance in how you can both use and transform data into value-creating insights that contribute to an increased value. Together, we create the conditions for you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of your customers in order to build strong, long-term relationships that lead to increased loyalty and involvement.
  • Identify new markets, improve customer offerings, or create a better match between buyer and seller.
  • Act proactively by being able to predict what your customers will do in the future, based on current trends and history.

Other benefits include that you and your organization will also be able to prioritize how you invest your time and resources, based on current, fact-based information.

Our strengths

In order to succeed with data-driven growth, you need a clear strategy and steering, but also an understanding of technology and employees, so that the right conditions can be created for the organization of the future.

Knowit has wide operational knowledge and has helped clients in many different industries and market sectors with data-driven growth. With a combination of management consultants, organizational psychologists, and specialists in IT and communication, we can help you achieve your goals based on your unique conditions. We have competence and experience in these areas:

  • IT and digitalization strategy
  • Operational steering and transformation
  • Change management
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • People Analytics
  • Strategic Workforce Planning 

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