Seamless user experiences

What is it that makes customers and users choose to return and shop from you, time and again? That you have simple, attractive, seamless, and personalized solutions that suit them. Our IT architects ensure that they have access to the data, insights, and design they need in order to meet the needs of your customers and users, to create the very best solutions. With microservices, integrations, and APIs, we build headless architecture and adapt language and code to the solution you need. Our developers have long experience of .NET/C#, PHP, JS, React/Node.js, C/C ++, HTML5, and SQL. We strive to create more flexible customer experiences, with a solid architecture that is easy to work with.

Native mobile & app development

Traffic usually comes from mobile devices. That is why we design everything we do with mobile surfaces at top of mind. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to develop a separate app to tailor the customer experience. The website can gain from adopting the look and feel of an app, which is why we apply the standards of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). We have long experience of everything from consultancy on mobile and app strategies to app development and adaptation of websites to mobile surfaces. For instance, we use React Native to build apps for both iOS and Android. 

Platforms & publishing solutions

Simple, impressive, and informative websites or advanced self-service solutions? Whatever the customer needs, we start from a well-renowned publishing solution, which we adapt to those needs, to support the brand and message. We have developed some of the largest websites in the Nordic region and have solid experience of the most relevant publishing solutions and DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) on the market, such as Sanity, Relatude, Contentful, Episerver (Optimizely), Sitecore, Umbraco, Kentaico, Sitevision, and Drupal. If you need a total system that includes both a CMS and a CRM, Litium, Salesforce, and HubSpot might be the solution for you. We will help you find the most suitable solution.

The e-commerce of the future

The future players in e-commerce will need to adapt their digital solutions based on the customers’ and visitors’ needs, to create flexible, exceptional, and seamless buying experiences. With account taken of the whole site, the starting points, and potential adaptations, our specialists and advisors support you by creating winning strategies and developing digital business solutions that create happy customers and increase sales.

E-health – digital services for better care

In creation and development of relevant and sustainable solutions of high quality, e-health is the result of interactions between technology, professional competence, organization, and users. We deliver every part of the expected user experience and focus on the patient journey and the digital interface, where advanced technology and high security are top priorities.

Analytics, data & AI

What looks simple to the user is often the result of complex backend solutions. Getting support for the decisions through data-driven insights makes you more precise and will often increase the quality of your decisions. Through analytics and metrics, you gather and analyze data and get to know your customers better. Using sound data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can contribute to more effective and better decisions during the customer journey. Using data collection, automation, and visualization of key figures and insights, we can understanding the connections and reveal the needs of your existing and potential customers. Analytical tools that we use include Google Marketing Platform, Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize, BigQuery, Firebase, Cloud AI, IBM Watson, Blueprism, and Amazon.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Boy, that’s a mouthful! Traffic to websites and apps has bever been heavier. At the same time, many organizations are struggling to convert visitors into customers who buy, place orders, register ... you name it. Conversion rate optimization is all about how we can optimize the website or app for the actions you want your visitors to take. What alternative versions of contents and graphics could increase your conversion rate? With methods like web analysis, form analysis, heat mapping, A/B tests, recording user sessions, and usability testing, we can tailor strategies and operative routines that we know work. We call this conversion rate optimization!

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