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We will support you in getting control over the PIM process in most PIM platforms and providing your customers with better information using simple and consistent product information across all sales channels. If you choose inRiver PIM, you get a platform that can be implemented quickly and is easy to use, thanks to its visual interface.

The benefits of inRiver PIM

We would say that there are many benefits to inRiver PIM. When you have the tool in place, you have secure, seamless links and integrations to all your business systems, with full control over your product range. It also gives you a clear overview of your marketplaces and channels, including your product data. In omnichannel commerce, you can create, manage, and distribute product information to multiple channels in several languages. But above all, we’d like to highlight the fact that the tool enables you to create even better customer experiences. inRiver PIM uses relevant product data and creates shopping experiences that convert visitors into customers. Thanks to better product information, you also get fewer of those costly returns.

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Urban Nyblom
Business Director, Knowit Experience Stockholm
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