Synchronizing data with inRiver PIM

Pulse for inRiver synchronizes data between inRiver PIM and Litium’s or Optimizely’s e-commerce platform in near real-time, while also being fully configurable as regards what product information is to be imported and synchronized.

Pre-integration into E-commerce Axxelerator

Pulse is pre-integrated into E-commerce Axxelerator, which is a packaged e-commerce solution based on headless technology. Through Ecommerce Axxelerator, the customer experience is separated from the underlying platform, which can be Litium, Optimizely, or any other of the leading e-commerce platforms on the Nordic market.

The benefits of Pulse for inRiver

With readymade solutions like Pulse, you save both time and money, while providing your end customer with an outstanding customer experience. The benefits of the solution include that you can transfer large amounts of product data from inRiver to Litium or Optimizely, you save time, minimize errors, and ensure up-to-date product information. What’s more, implementation is quick and you will have a single source for all your product information, regardless of the channel. Contact us, and we will help you take the next step!

Brief facts about the system

  • Knowit Pulse for inRiver supports 7.5+ and SaaS.
  • Can be integrated with Litium’s and Optimizely’s e-commerce platforms.
  • Is easy to scale up and adapt to new workflows and customer-specific needs.
  • Is based on a standardized core that makes use of and enables for seamless synchronization in real-time and offers full product and category management from inRiver.
  • Read more about Pulse for inRiver on inRiver’s website.
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