Tailored digital shopping solutions

We adapt e-commerce solutions based on our clients’ needs. We use the latest technology for B2B and B2C companies, and always leave wiggle room for the challenges of the future. That is how we create solutions that are flexible, easy to scale up, and simple to use. We are specialized in the platforms Episerver Commerce and Litium, but our experts have developed many digital shopping solutions on most e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce platforms focused on the users

We have specialized in two e-commerce platforms: Optimizely DXP and Litium. Both are focused around the customer experience and make it easy to build your brand and offer products in all channels, on all markets. We help our clients develop their existing solution or build a new e-commerce solution, or support them wherever necessary. As we are Optimizely’s largest partner and have had been a partner to Litium for many years, you can rest assured that our consultants have all the knowledge needed in regards to these platforms.

Specialists in Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the world’s leading platforms for digital customer experiences, web development, and e-commerce. You get everything you need to manage product catalogs, orders, customer data, and payment in different regions. Many of our larger client projects are based on Optimizely’s platform. Thanks to our successful projects and the number of certified developers working for us, we have reached the highest partnership level – Premium Platinum Partner – as the only organization in Europe. Together with Optimizely, we offer effective, data-driven marketing platforms to our clients.

Litium – Premium Solution Partner

Litium’s cloud-based e-commerce platform is centered on the experience. The platform is developed to be the hub of the e-commerce of the future, and makes it easier to build your brand and offer products in all channels, on all markets. You can work with marketing, product management, and sales in a flexible way through a single user interface. Adding a layer of security for our clients, we are a Litium Premium Solution Partner, which is a guarantee that we have all the knowledge necessary in regards to this platform.

An e-commerce solution in no time with Axxelerator

Knowit Ecommerce Axxelerator is designed to help our clients get a fully functional and user-friendly e-commerce solution in place, quickly and cost-effectively. Axxelerator is optimized for high performance and comes in the form of a standard starter’s kit, making it easy to add to the solution by implementing new modules and developing embedded components to meet the challenges of the future.

Product information management

With PIM, you get the right conditions for increasing sales, decreasing product returns, and building better customer experiences. We have long experience of implementing PIM systems that contribute to more efficient workflows. inRiver PIM is the platform we have specialized in and offers the possibility of omnichannel creation, management, and distribution of product information in multiple languages. If you choose inRiver PIM, you get a platform that provides secure, seamless connections and integrations to all your business systems, with a complete overview of your product range. Plus, implementation is quick and easy to use, thanks to the intuitive visual interface.

Knowit Pulse for inRiver with Litium or Optimizely

In a simple and cost-effective way, our clients can integrate inRiver’s cloud solution (IPMC) with Litium’s or Optimizely’s e-commerce platform using Knowit Pulse for inRiver. This minimizes sources of error and ensures that product data is automatically updated, based on the user’s wants and needs.

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