How we can support you in social media & advertising

We help clients with everything from getting started with social media, target group strategy, choice of channel(s), finding creative ideas, producing videos, texts, and contents, to setting strategies, optimizing existing contents, maintenance, or posting their very first ad – regardless of channel. If you have any specific questions or wishes, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is now one of the largest social media platforms. You should be talking about your brand on this platform, to build engagement in your target group. If you need help getting started with Snapchat Ads or with polishing your existing ads, we can help you shape them based on creativity, a sense of humor, and storytelling – so that your content stands out, engages and increases your visibility on the platform.

Facebook advertising

When you advertise on Facebook, there are endless possibilities to reach large groups – while you can also aim your content at specific target groups. We help you create a structure and design ad campaigns that engage, set clear goals with the campaigns, and support you with continuous optimization, to ensure that we help you reach the right people.

LinkedIn advertising

As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn is an important and effective platform for most industries – and also a great platform if you work with recruitment and want to reach the right candidates. The channel provides one of the best possibilities for targeting ads to the right audience. We help you set a sustainable strategy for both advertising and contents.

Advertise on Instagram

Millions of Swedes are using the platform every day and engagement among users is very high. Instagram is a channel that suits everyone, but is somewhat more popular in the younger target group. You can extract great value from having a presence and being active on the platform, and we will help you create unique content and ads that engage, find the right target group, and generate results.

Video ads on YouTube

One of the social media platforms with the largest audience is, without any doubt, YouTube. Through this channel, you can raise awareness about your brand in an effective way with targeted advertising. We help you find the right YouTube strategy, optimize your ads, and make sure you are seen exactly where you want to be seen.

Twitter, TikTok & Pinterest

While many things have been constant over the past few years, there are always new possibilities and social media channels popping up, where your target group may be spending a lot of their time. Whether your audience prefers to hang out on Twitter, Pinterest, or TikTok, we can help you gain a footing and be seen and heard in these channels too. We adapt based on where you want to shine and what social media platform your target group prefers to interact on.

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